After moving to the Westfield area five years ago, we were looking for a new dentist with innovative 
technology to keep our teeth healthy. Our journey ended when we attended Dr Pease’s open house.  
We found Dr. Pease and his staff so inviting, warm, and friendly. It became apparent to us it would be a 
family affair.  Going to the dentist here is like visiting family.  They greet you with smiles and a happy-to-
see-you attitude.

Keeping your teeth healthy is top priority with Dr Pease!  And beyond taking good care of your teeth, 
they take the time to “get to know you”!  If an emergency arises, you can feel very confident Dr. 
Pease and staff will do all they can to see you.

Dr. Pease is definitely our dentist of choice. We  highly recommend him to our friends, along with 
his staff.

Ron and Dorothy, Westfield, IN


Dr. Pease gave me back more than just the smile I lost many years ago.  From the first visit to the
last, he and his staff consistently made the process easy and comfortable.

Jeff P., Beverly Hills, California


My children and I have had the joy of being seen and taken care of by Dr. Pease and his staff!  They 
make going to the dentist as pleasurable and comfortable as possible!  My eight year old had treatment 
done and was not afraid of any of the procedures.  I felt at ease in the chair as well!  The work was 
quality and the front desk took care of all my insurance questions.  No surprise at the end.  I knew what 
to expect from the start to the end of my visit, everything was explained to me.  They even looked at my 
insurance to find out about a mouth guard I wanted.  The prices are fair and above all the 
staff is amazing, personable, and truly wonderful with my crazy schedule!  Dr. Pease is knowledgeable and down to earth.  Wonderful place!  I cannot wait for my next visit!

Esther M., Westfield, Indiana


Every single day I admire the beautiful new smile given to me, thank you 
Dr. Pease.

Alissa E., Fort Wayne, Indiana


The hygienists are very interesting and fun.  They make sure they have all of the latest technology to decrease pain.  I have had a couple of fillings replaced.  They had a new technique that was a lot less painful than 5 years ago.  Dr. Pease is up on all of the latest dental techniques and he is great with kids.  My 8 year old has a fear of some of the things and they take their time.  There isn’t a rush to get to the next patient.  But I never have to wait more than 5 or 10 minutes.  I get that “home” feeling going there.  He has a good, clean office.  Dr. Pease is super nice.  I have never had any problems with any of my teeth.

K. Creek, Westfield, Indiana